The Drone for an automated hull cleaning: quick, easy, indispensable

Underwater drone vehicle for the care of your hull

The underwater drone KeelCrab is the first R.O.V vehicle for the care of your hull entirely designed and built in Italy. Fast, lightweight, practical, user friendly, you can easily reduce the consumption of your boat keeping your hull in a perfect state with top performance.

The birth of KeelCrab will mark the end of polluting antifouling paints and finally open the way for green solutions with a safe respect for the environment and your wallet.

Experience our Keelcrab Points!

Rent and use Keelcrab for cleaning your hull in a new easy way or ask info for a cleaning service. Search a Keelcrab Point near you, contact it and make an appointment. Our agents will help you approaching the cleaning operations using Keelcrab.


Reduced consumption

A clean hull can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. Read more

Reduced pollution

A direct consequence of the reduced fuel consumption is lessened environmental impact. Read more

Increased performance

A clean hull results in an optimal, maximized performance

Hull inspection

The innovative cleaning system also makes it possible to monitor and check the condition of the hull.