“The key features of our project are technology and eco-sustainability”

Aeffe s.r.l. derives from a strong enterprising spirit and a passion for automated mechanical solutions; the beating heart of the company is a team of young people able to boast a variety of excellent skills ranging from electronics to mechanical design, as well as information technology and diving. After honing its technical and marketing skills with the Keelcrab series of underwater drones (European patent filed in Italy on 18 May 2009), the company today designs and manufactures custom-built underwater vehicles that are designed, or can be adapted, for a number of functions. Highly specialised in modern construction techniques, the cornerstones of the company’s competitive edge are on-going research and development, a flexible approach to customisation according to the customer’s needs, a fast, efficient service and post-sales customer care.

KeelCrab is an underwater, mechanical, automated system, the first of the technologies conceived, designed and implemented by the company. Produced with the aim of cutting running costs and reducing the risks associated with the cleaning operations carried out by underwater technical operators, it also combats the pollution caused by the chemicals currently used on million of boats and boosts the performance of the boats and thus the pleasure of sailing

What distinguishes the line KeelCrab Aeffe s.r.l. is to provide innovative technological solutions with zero environmental impact for keep the hulls of vessels clean and perfectly efficient. KeelCrab is the first of the various technologies the company intends to implement and distribute in order to reduce the pollution caused by the chemical substances currently used on millions of vessels.

The hallmark of Aeffe s.r.l. lies in its constant efforts to combine technology with an eco-sustainable approach, with the main aim of cutting vessel maintenance costs. These ecological, innovative solutions are the result, on the one hand, of continual in-company research and development, and on the other, the continual search outside the company for technological products able to solve the problem, starting out from the concept of eco-sustainability. The main aim, therefore, is to provide customers with a catalogue of GREEN solutions for a definitive, ecological, economical and independent response to the problem of hull cleaning and perfectly efficient maintenance.

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